hair model:

Sometimes we need people for a class or for a creative project that we have in mind. This is where hair models come in...

If you're interested in being a hair model for us, review the info and fill out the form, below:


*Must be willing to allow creative freedom to the stylist

*Photography and/or video will be captured and, potentially, shared publicly

*Model may be required to pay some nominal costs associated such as for wefts of extensions or kit costs

All requirements and ideas are discussed beforehand. 

There is no guarantee you'll be chosen to be a hair model and opportunities arise at different times. If you have a specific, immediate hair need, it's best to make an appointment.


Please complete the form below

Name *
Select which type of hair model you're willing to be
Are you open to "fashion colors" such as blue, pink, etc?
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I understand that being a hair model means that I'm open to some creative expression. The ideas are discussed beforehand, and I can refuse to participate. I understand that I'm responsible for my own home care, maintenance, upkeep and or costs to changes.
Do you have availability on Mondays? This won't exclude you if you don't; but, it is often a class day for hairdressers and model needs pop up.
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How long is your hair now?