The Importance of Quality Home Care

he idea of dousing that blouse in a sink of soap designed to remove food grease from your pots and pans should make you cringe.
So, why are you spending hundreds of dollars and hours in a chair for great color or extension work - and putting $5 shampoo on it at home?

We hear it often from clients -
 "My hair always feels great when I leave here."
"I can't get it to look like it does when I leave the salon."
"My shampoo is building up - AGAIN!"


Of most importance to remember:
Professional products are made with higher quality ingredients at higher concentrations.
es, our price range in care products ($22 - $44) is more than the $5 average at a drug store. You're paying for quality care. Less harsh cleansers - plant ingredients - sustainable practices - cruelty and carciongen free... these are the things that matter in hair care and the likelihood of finding that at CVS is slim.
Just as a well-respected foundation at Sephora may be $50 while the drug store can have foundation makeup as low as $5, we too have products that are made with quality ingredients to give you better results. 
Stuff from the drug store is inexpensive because it is made inexpensively with cheap, chemically-laden recipes. Recipes filled with sulfates then watered-down to keep it cheap, many ladies find great frustration with these bargains after a short time. Sulfates build up and scalps get confused or irritated.
There are so many issues that stem from home care products...
If you've ever dealt with mixed messages (Dandruff + Oil over-production), color loss, dryness or a dull, lifeless 'do - look into what's in your shower. 
Is it worth fighting through 4 different cheap brands over 3 months when you could just get more in the beginning for quality results? 


Big box retailers and online sellers through Ebay or Amazon are often diverting product that can be expired or counterfeit.
As hairdresser Paul H. put it: "Many consumers are lured into buying professional salon and skincare products through unauthorized, online retailers because of attractive price points. Similar to unauthorized diverted products in big box stores, products purchased online carry an added risk to the consumer because packaging/tampering/and product condition cannot be inspected before purchasing. Has the bottle been opened? Is the packaging old, damaged, or counterfeit? Online sources have products that have been passed through uncontrolled distribution channels and may be counterfeit, diluted formulas, old, expired and not safe to use."

Diverted products are obtained through what’s known as the “gray” market.

Diverted skin and hair care products can be counterfeit, old, diluted or contain harmful bacteria. Many times they are expired products that have been sitting in non-climate controlled warehouses. These products may not be safe to use and could cause irritation or infection.

Products purchased from an ‘unauthorized’ retailer are NOT guaranteed by the manufacturer to be authentic and perform as tested. Often, the prices are even higher than when purchased from a salon, spa or medical facility.


In the state of Texas (where our salon is) each of us had to first obtain our cosmetology degree before we could be licensed. This education has to be proven to be continued at every license renewal. We are obsessed with how to make your hair at it's happiest - and that includes quality home care that we know is meant for you and your needs. 
We know your texture, type, chemical history and more.
We know that the mousse one client uses is not a good idea for another.
If you've ever stood in the care aisle at a local store - and stood before the sea of options - it's a lot to take in and to understand. 
We are here to take the guesswork out with quality, education-backed referrals. 
There are so many hair types, styles, desired results, and processes out there, how do you know what works for whom? We're trained to know that and we love being able to help you keep your hair happy. We're here to help.

Our most concentrated, natural line of care we offer - ColorProof - is very vocal about what they don't use. We research and review everything that we offer and our lines stand behind their products. 

If your first thought when looking at a care and style product has to do with the retail price, you may want to think about the problems you may be dealing with now, and if the trouble is actually worth what you're hair is paying in the long run.