Wigging Out!

There are many types of hair pieces out there.  Permanent Extensions - Flexible Extensions -

Another form of flexible hair pieces is the wig.

Even today, when mentioning wigs, people imagine one of two things - a family member's piece that they wore - maybe it was older or worn and unappealing - or the kind that you use at Halloween with it's glossy sheen.

Well... We've come a long way and the options have grown.

We see this when we talk about synthetic fibers used in making wigs. When we share pieces made of synthetic fibers, the person experiencing the wig is often surprised as to how natural it feels and flows. 

This isn't your grandmother's technology... And, wigs aren't just for grandmother's anymore!

Extensions and wigs are being used in all kinds of ways and for many different reasons.

Younger women are realizing the benefits of having multiple wig and extension options in their collection. Changing color and look without having to cut or color is a great advantage. Like another part of your look, a wig or hair extension piece can add to and change up a style in a flash.

Another benefit to #WigLife is the ability to grow out your own natural hair. Many ladies use them medically or for growing hair after illness. Another issue could be chemical damage or just wanting to grow out that pixie cut or get beyond that "awkward phase".

With more people realizing these advantages - and with technology providing multiple options for a wide-array of budgets and needs - wigs and extensions are a great addition to your wardrobe. Many ladies like a collection of styles in their color range while others may collect styles and shades to always have another option. Changing your hair is quick and easy.


When it comes to fibers, synthetic fibers are often made to be able to take some heat, now, too. That means a restricted budget can still equal multiple options.

In our options with the Hair U Wear family of brands, there are two synthetic types and 2 human hair types. 

With the synthetic, you have the Vibralite Fiber and the True2Life (Heat Friendly) fiber. Vibralite is not heat friendly but it has a hold to style that stays true after washing. These are great for ease with comfort. When Vibralite fiber wigs get worn down or have been left to dry and misshapen, we can bring them back to life with our drop-off wig restoration services. 

Bring your old wigs to your consultation so we can talk of how we may be able to save them for you.

True2Life is the Heat-friendly synthetic fiber that comprises many brand and style options in our collection. This can be curled, blown dry, and flat ironed to allow multiple uses and looks with a single piece. These pieces come in luminous, salon-inspired palettes for looks of highlights and natural hair. Even many of our "fun color" wigs and extension pieces are heat-friendly! 

In human hair options we have human and Remy human. What's the difference? Processing. Human hair pieces are human but the cuticle is shaved down to allow for ease of processing. This gives an array of great options in human hair that have budget-friendly prices. Remy Human Hair pieces are where 100% of the cuticle is intact and the pieces are sourced closer to original color for minimal processing.

In the HairUWear family. all Remy Human Hair pieces are certified by a 3rd party, independent lab - so you know you're getting 100% Remy and not 30% Remy that is being marketed as "all remy". 

Founded as Eva Gabor International in 1968, HairUWear is the number one alternative hair company in the world, providing the industry’s most highly regarded, fashion forward, quality wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, hair accessories and hair replacement programs to businesses worldwide. HairUWear's portfolio of eight leading brands, plus private label, is marketed in over 40 countries. With twelve patents and more in development, HairUWear is innovation driven. HairUWear has US offices in Florida and Kansas, plus five overseas locations whose sole responsibility is to ensure product quality.

The HairUWear family offers more options in Lace Front & Hand Tied wigs within multiple budgets and fiber options. This gives everyone a chance to enjoy the quality look and feel of lace front. From machine-wefted to hand-tied, the range can be viewed online and in-store. 

By booking a wig consultation, a precise sizing and browsing of fibers and styles can be enjoyed.

If you see something in our online store that you enjoy, go ahead and order it online and choose "In Salon Pickup" to allow for us to call you when it arrives to arrange an appointment with a FUSION professional. 

No matter how you choose to shop, FUSION Salon Studio professionals are able to assist you.

Wig services we offer include: Cut, Customize, Color, Refresh & Resize