For the love of Flexible Extensions

When people think of the Extensions, they usually think of the kind that we integrate into the hair using various bonding techniques. Hair extensions, however, can be temporary and flexible, too. Often called "clip ins", flexible extensions come in a variety of bond options (clips, bands, etc) and fiber types. 

Another form of flexible hair pieces is the wig. Often times people imagine one of two things - a family member's piece that they wore or the kind that you use at Halloween. This isn't the only immediate thought when talking wigs. When we share pieces made of synthetic fibers, they're often surprised as to how natural it feels and flows. 

This isn't your grandmother's technology...

Wigs and Extensions have come a long way. Not just in technology but also in usage. Younger women are realizing the benefits of having multiple wig and extension options in their collection. Like another part of your look, a wig or hair extension piece can add to and change up a style in a flash.

With more people realizing these advantages - and with technology providing multiple options for a wide-array of budgets and needs - wigs and extensions are a great addition to your wardrobe. Many ladies like a collection of styles in their color range while others may collect styles and shades to always have another option. Changing your hair is quick and easy.


When it comes to fibers, synthetic fibers are often made to be able to take some heat, now, too. That means a restricted budget can still equal multiple options.

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Stephanie Hastings